Customize your Stick-Grips

On this page you will be able to inform about prices and at the same time submit your order so we know you're serious about ordering from us.
We offer this service starting from 50 pairs of Stickgrips to as many as you like. Prices will be more profitable the more you order but we'll send you the details after you've sent us your information.

How will it work after you’ve sent us your order information?

1) First of all we will let you know what it will cost to order X amount of customized Stickgrips from us (minimum order = 50).

2) After you agree on the price, we will send you an image of Stickgrips in the colours and with the logo of your choosing so you can visualize it and decide whether you like it and wish to continue with your order. We will also provide you with additional information regarding delivery time* and shipping cost.**

*Delivery time is variable, depending on whether we have colour 3 (see picture below) in stock or not and which country we have to send the order to.
**Shipping cost is also variable, depending on the amount of Stickgrips you’re ordering and which country we have to send the order to.

The moment you are satisfied with everything and ready to make your order, we will provide you with the payment details. We will start production once we've recieved payment.
Please make sure to send us your logo in vector quality to guarantee the image quality is high enough for us to successfully use. If you send us a low quality image, there’s a chance we won’t be able to continue with the order.


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