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Everyone who has been working out for some time, has experienced a phase where it seems like all the effort is just not having much effect anymore. You're still training but you're hardly sore the next day or there just isn't that much progress. Well, that's because your body adapts to the number of sets and reps you're doing. Maybe you're doing 3 sets of 10 and it was effective in the beginning, but at some point, your muscles get used to it and training becomes a lot less effective, even with the use of supplements.


This is exactly why we're going to share 3 great tips that will help you break through that rut and start growing those muscles again!

Note: Make sure not to implement these all at the same time because some of these are already pretty intense on their own!

1. Swap the number of sets with the number of reps

If you are typically doing 3 sets of 10 reps or perhaps 4 sets of 8 reps, try swapping those numbers next week and see what happens. Doing 8 sets of 4 reps will have a completely different impact on your muscles, and they’ll like it.

Important: Make sure you adjust the weight accordingly.

2. Turn your routine upside down & inside out

This one will also shake things up if you've become used to your workout routine. You probably:

  • begin your workout week with chest.
  • start training legs next
  • then back … etc..

Humans are creatures of habit, we tend to do things in the same order. So, what you want to do is, for one week, switch that around. Start the week with the muscle group with which you normally finish and work backwards. Also change the order of exercises you normally do for that musclegroup. Still start off with warming up though but you get the point. Break the habit!

3. The 50-rep set technique

Brace yourselves because this one will require maximal effort and might be considered a bit hardcore. This hack will definitely shock your muscles, if you manage to pull it off..

So here's what to do: For every exercise you’re doing in your workout this week, add one set of fifty reps at the very end. Choose a weight that you think you can lift 50 times (don't make it too easy now) and really focus on that contraction! You WILL feel the burn with this one. If you can't lift the weight anymore after a certain amount of reps, simply lower the weight a bit and keep going or rest a few seconds and then continue but don't stop before you reach 50! If you haven’t been pushing yourself maximally, you will be now. This technique is very exhaustive on the system, so make extra sure you’re eating and sleeping enough if you decide to do this.

So that's it people, we hope you've enjoyed reading this and that you'll try some of these techniques yourself.

Merry Xmas everyone!!

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