How to calculate your 1 RM


You have probably heard or read about 1RM or seen training schedules that require you to do 3 sets with 75% of your 1RM for example.. Well, today we’re going to explain what RM actually means and how you can calculate this your yourself.

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Shock your muscles into growth

Adobe Post shock muscles 

Everyone who has been working out for some time, has experienced a phase where it seems like all the effort is just not having much effect anymore. You're still training but you're hardly sore the next day or there just isn't that much progress. Well, that's because your body adapts to the number of sets and reps you're doing. Maybe you're doing 3 sets of 10 and it was effective in the beginning, but at some point, your muscles get used to it and training becomes a lot less effective, even with the use of supplements.

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