Stick-Grips was present at SAP Cup 2018

sap weekend peter molnar

SAP CUP 2018

The SAP cup is the biggest health and fitness expo in the BENELUX so we decided we wanted to be there aswell and we did it in style! We brought Peter Molnar to the Stickgrips stand, a bodybuilding champion who has competed in 20! competitions worldwide this year and won a staggering 15 of them! If you have any idea what it takes to prepare yourself for such a competition, then you know what a huge achievement this is. Well done Peter! We at Stickgrips are really proud to have a respected athlete like him backing our product. Even his girlfriend Vivien Lengyel, who also won her share of competitions this year (8 out of 10) is an avid supporter.

Anyway, the SAP cup expo isn’t just bodybuilding ofcourse, this year they really expanded the crossfit area, made a separate powerlifting area and even included an area for calisthenics. If you don’t know what some of these activities are, they will be explained in this article.

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